If you are a frequent user of dating apps, you’ll understand the concept of a match. For those who don’t know, a match occurs when two people like each other.

2.4 Activity-requestIf you like someone and they don’t like you back, however, but instead they elect to ‘Dislike’ your profile, then you would never know. In most dating apps, the matchmaking feature is anonymous, allowing you to be blissfully unaware when someone doesn’t reciprocate your attraction.

That’s great. Out of sight, out of mind. But what happens when you come across a profile that you like so much that you want to guarantee yourself a better chance at getting the coveted match?

That’s where MatchPass comes into play. Imagine being able to skip the matchmaking requirement and go straight to interacting with a potential match? On the Jabo app, that means you don’t have to wait until your desired match likes your profile.

MatchPass lets you send a fitdate (a.k.a activity date) invitation to anyone without having to wait until they like your profile. Recipients must at least accept, decline, or suggest a new fitdate. If accepted, a match essentially occurs, allowing both parties to chat, pick a location, and plan their fitdate accordingly.

You can activate MatchPass when browsing profiles. Keep in mind though that due to our privacy options, users can also choose how many MatchPasses they want to receive per day.

Interested in using MatchPass to meet single fitness enthusiasts? Sign up for the private beta.