Help Your Business By Helping People Get Together

Promote your business to thousands of local people that like to do the specific activities your business facilitates.

Priority on ROI

Your ads show up on the Jabo website and in the Jabo activity dating app. You can target by city, activity, or offer a special discount for any activity.

Target by Activities

Reach local customers by their favorite activities. Your ad is shown when the customer's potential to convert is at its highest.

The Value of Relevance

Your ads show up as activities that Jabo users can use to meet in person with one of their ideal activity partners on the Jabo app.

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Jabo Advertisers Facilitate Activities

Click on any of available categories below to see some of the examples in your community:

  • Promote your business, product, or service in the format of an activity.
  • Put together a group activity to promote your products or services.
  • Enable activities by promoting special deals on equipment rentals.
  • Do you own a gym or studio? Which activities do you facilitate?
  • Some activities sell themselves, but getting you the exposure is on us.
  • Get more people in your area to participate in your sponsored activity.
  • Promote your activity by instructing your participants!
  • Show your customers what you offer in the form of an activity tour!

Simple, Easy, Secure Process

Create your first ad within minutes and get your campaign running after our verification process.

Customer Activation

It's easy to redeem a deal on our mobile app. Simply scan the barcode or enter the customer's name from your Advertiser account.

Track Your Campaign

Use the analytics provided in your Advertiser account to optimize your campaign promotions and learn more about your customers.

Grow Your Business

Unlike other ad networks, our audience craves your promotion because it will enable them to do an activity with one of their activity partners.

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