Get Belay Certified Today! Start Your Rock Climbing Journey with The Belay Knot


In this advanced rock climbing course, you will meet with the belay knot at Xtreme rock climbing for a group-oriented teaching session broken down into two parts. 1) Tying In 2) Belaying By learning how to not only tie yourself in but also belay another person you will be well on your way to becoming a rock climbing master! Some basics that we will cover and that you will have a full understanding after your 1.5-hour session are: -Tying a figure 8 knot -Tying into your harness -Put your harness on properly -Double Back and fasten your harness safely -Tie a figure 8 retrace knot -Check to make sure its tied securely -How to attach a belay device-How to belay someone -the Yosemite grading scale -Taping and monochromatic routes All of these wonderful benefits will help you with being an independent self-sufficient climber and have the abilities to circumnavigate your way around our facilities and have the most enjoyable time possible!

Fine Print

Valid only 1 per client. Only good for the promotional period. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Non-refundable. Scheduling and availability tentative to instructors availability. Must call or text to establish a scheduled one-on-one session. Liability waivers required upon arrival to X-treme Rock Climbing.


Additional Information

The Belay Knot is dedicated to empowering everyday normal people with the powerful skills and knowledge of climbing mountains. Indoor Rock Climbing is one of the first steps to any mountain climbers journey. Learning the proper safety procedures and technical skills is paramount to any explorer's toolkit. The Belay Knot specializes in Belay and Climbing safety techniques, proper belay commands, indoor rock climbing fundamentals and lead climbing certifications.