Jabo is the #1 resource for activity lovers

Jabo was founded in 2015 with the mission to facilitate dates between active people.

Dating apps have been around for a while, but up until Jabo, none of them actually facilitated dates. Tinder facilitates short term relationships. Meetup.com facilitates group meetups. HowAboutWe lets you suggest activity ideas. Jabo connects you to the people who want to do your favorite activities and provides you with the means to do those activities.

Jabo is the easiest way to find something fun and active to do in your local community.

Jabo connects you with the thousands of local businesses in your area that facilitate activities such as group activities, equipment rentals, gyms, studios, adventure sports, challenges, and events.

Jabo is used by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The active lifestyle community uses Jabo to discover new ways to do some of their favorite activities.

Fitness singles use Jabo to find activity partners.

The Jabo app makes it very easy to find people that like to do your favorite activity at your desired level of activity. It does this by tracking your daily activity through wearable devices and then creates a compatibility score based on your discovery settings.

Jabo deals are laser-focused to match activities.

Unlike other dating apps, the advertisements you see on the Jabo app are highly relevant to your favorite activities, location, age, gender, and even level of activity. These ads are designed to keep you immersed in your search for an ideal activity partner and to ultimately be used when you’re ready to do an activity with your match.

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